PpDrive your virtual drive 1Gb


PpDrive 0.15.2 Beta

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04/17/2011 (PpDrive)
- Last folder button at the search view page.
- Update the AJAX Control Toolkit to the 4 (50401) version.

04/16/2011 (PpDrive)
- Search File System by file name.
- The user can order the file table by name, size, type and time.
- Assync navigation through folders and some files manipulation commands.
- The Flash uploader was upgraded to YUI 3.3.0.
- The flash uploads can be individualy canceled or all in once.
- Commands controler was implemented to avoid double commands from users.
- Lateral closing bar at the right side of the command boxes.
- Fixed: Upload files appears in a random order.

04/16/2011 (Pepebras)
- Layout general updates.
- Short name CSS class names creation.
- Double users preference querystring bug was fixed.
- Bookmark folders loading was improved to be faster.
- Alert boxes appear next to the caller element.

03/15/2011 (PpDrive)
- File sending note system was upgraded.
- User can't insert more than the allowed quantity of characteres on file sending note, on contact us forms and on the error report forms.

03/13/2011 (PpDrive)
- The bookmark list update bug that happen when a new folder was inserted into the bookmark list was fixed.
- The folder list update bug that happen when a folder was moved was fixed.
- The bug that avoid the folder list box to be sorted was fixed. This bug only happen on Google Chrome.
- Empty trashcan button now has a confirmation box.
- Bookmark box layout e design were improved to better user experience.