PpDrive 0.15.2 Beta

Faster and safer then pendrive

If you work home and use the files at the office, this is the solution you've been waiting.
Upload your files into the website and open it from any computer connected to the internet.
Don't risk putting your security files into a pendrive or into the office computer, putting it on PpDrive you avoid someone to see the sensitive files.
Store your file on PpDrive!

Faster then email to send files to someone

Once your files are in PpDrive, just click to send it instantly to your contact.
A common email demands you to upload the file every time you send a email with file attached to the computer of your contact. PpDrive do it just once, turning the send file proccess economic and fast.
Once received, the files can be stored and organized by folders inside your PpDrive as long as the service exists.